Why you require Occupational Health services at your workplace

Occupational Health and Occupational Therapy are distinct, however there are some commonalities between the two. Occupational therapy tries to increase a patient’s capacity to perform daily activities that healthy, able-bodied persons perform without thought, such as cooking, washing, dressing, etc.

What is Workplace Health?

Occupational Health examines the impact of work on health and health on work with businesses and employees. Occupational Health is an unbiased agency that works on behalf of both employers and employees to keep people employed and return them to work.

However, the employee has already consulted a physician or specialist?

A primary care physician is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. The Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) or Occupational Health Physician (OHP) is an authority on the relationship between a given job role/work/work environment and health. However, the OHA or OHP may seek written permission to contact the patient’s primary care physician or a specialist for additional information to aid in the Occupational Health assessment.

What is a referral from management?

It might be difficult to know how to manage a member of staff who is absent from work due to illness or injury, or who is at work with an illness or injury. How can they respond? What are their limits? When will they be returning?

You can refer your employees to Occupational Health to ask specific questions that will assist you manage the employee and maintain legal compliance for your organisation.

Why is the employee unable to refer themselves?

Self-referrals are not recommended when seeking guidance on managing an employee’s illness at work. To guarantee the impartiality of Occupational Health, we require information from both the employer and the employee.

Only information presented in a management referral can provide insight into the employer’s position. To assist you manage, you must inquire about the position and the individual. If Occupational Health does not have this information, they will only have the information provided by the employee at the appointment. The more context that you can provide, the better.

5 Justifications for Occupational Health

To assist you in managing staff covered by the 2010 Equality Act and in making reasonable changes

Maintain your organization’s legal compliance.
Proactive workplace management of ill health and disability
Assists employers and employees in frequently complicated situations

Demonstrates to employees that the organisation desires to make health-related modifications and is empathetic

How can I determine which OH provider to utilise?

It might be difficult to identify a reputable provider of Occupational Health services; rely on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations, and ask colleagues from similar organisations who they employ.

If Occupational Health does not collaborate with your organisation and complement your culture and values, it may be time to make a change.

As suppliers of occupational health services, we ensure that you and your staff comply with our health surveillance and safety-critical medicals.

Making a choice

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